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Stereo Shout Out!, “Life Is Looking Up”


Electro-pop band Stereo Shout Out! dropped their EP, “Life is Looking Up.” The five-song EP is available for purchase on iTunes for $4.95.


“Things Are Looking Up” is a fun and high-energy EP featuring the equally fun and high energy members of Stereo Shout Out!: Travis Thompson (vocals),¬†Arielle Plock (vocals), Asher Plock (guitar), Dylan Woodall (guitar), Jake Jones (drums), Drake Oldham (bass). The EP consists of five singles that define Stereo Shout Out as a pop/rock/electronica band.

  • “Song For the Haters”–The first released single on YouTube. It’s a harshly worded putdown, claiming “no more Mr. Nice guy; he’s gone.” The song is what every band is thinking when they are first starting out. There will always be haters. Music fans and professional journalists will always find something to hate , and fresh-faced bands may take that to heart. But as SSO aptly put it, they’re “fighting back from now on.” And not physically, (I’m hoping), but figuratively. By them not compromising their sound and genre, SSO is winning. It means they have loyal fans that actually appreciate the hard work the band puts into the music. And that’s the ultimate prize. The song is great, and it’s a big tongue-stick-out to all the haters.
  • “Baby, Let’s Go Back In Time”–This first song on the EP. It’s oddly cute in a way; the words are fast as if talking to a crush. You get a sense from this song that there really are two lead singers: you can hear Plock and Thompson’s voices equally.
  • “Can’t Slow Down”–This song goes more electronic and showcases their quick tongues even more. It’s just a fun song with the quick words and gang vocals. Plus the instrumentals are so memorable that even if you don’t know the words, you would want to learn them just so you could sing along.
  • “Me, Myself, and I”–This song shows the diversity of the band’s music. It has an electronica breakdown halfway through; Plock is the main person singing; and the guitar parts in the song go much harder than all the other songs. It’s a Paramore-esque song, but Plock is arguably more talented (I’ve never heard Hayley Williams rap).
  • “You Can’t Stand To Be Alone”–The vocals switch over to Thompson. And for good reason; his voice is perfectly angry and hurt as he spits out the words:

    You were too busy living in the
    Living and loving the good life
    While life was passing you by
    You just can’t stand to be alone
    I just can’t stand to see you go
    As I’m watching from the sidelines

  • This album is fun and shows that SSO has the energy to take over the powerpop music world.

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