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audiostrobelight “The Whole Shebang”

Never heard of audiostrobelight? Neither have I. But I’m pretty mad I haven’t. Did a little Facebook-stalking on the band and saw that they are a “High Energy Rock” band. And they sure live up to that description in their new album, “The Whole Shebang.”

The albums kicks off with “You’re Not Funny You Stupid Clown,” which certainly would have your heart racing, especially if you concentrate on the beast drumming going on (props to Scott Denham for demonstrating what a heart attack sounds like in drum form).

The band balances out the high energy opener with a groovy “A Fifth of Feelgood.” And you may notice an odd instrument in certain parts of the song. Yea, violin. A rock band that plays the violin. And not just violin; violin-boy also plays the electric mandolin for the band (he must have been sooo popular in high school. I’m dead serious).

I wasn’t too smitten with the vocal strain in “All’s Well That Ends Well,” but the guitar and spastic drumming make up for it. Plus, the piano breakdown makes the $0.99 I paid all worth it.

“Drop The Act” was the coolest instrumentally, as it incorporated all different sorts of sounds in it. The album closes with “Anchors Aweigh,” with the most apparent use of oddly electric strings.

Totaly dug this album. The self-proclaimed “delicious pop-rock[ers]” can hold on to the title because even after finishing the album, I was hungering for more. I loved the uniquely upbeat feel the entire album had, and was thoroughly impressed by their production quality.

If you’re anywhere near Maryland on September 3rd or 4th, I suggest you come see them at Park Rock Fest.

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2 thoughts on “audiostrobelight “The Whole Shebang”

  1. My ideas exactly!

    Posted by hotshot bald cop | August 31, 2011, 4:17 pm


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