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Song of the Day: Days Difference “Falling Into You”

Days Difference released their album back in 2009, but they are now getting the recognition they deserve. They are jumping on to two tours this fall–Action Item’s and Owl City’s. Comparing their sound to Owl City, Hoot Owls (OC fans) would love the fantastical sound Days Difference had in their self-titled album, especially in the … Continue reading

Song of the Day: The Ready Set “Giants”

The Ready Set gifted his fans, or “giants,” with tour dates for his fall tour. Is your city getting love from Jordan? Tour Dates!  

Song of the Day: Hello Highway “Break Free”

Listening to Hello Highway’s song “Break Free,” makes me want to dust off my keyboard and cover this song. I like it because it’s proof that piano in a song doesn’t have to be stuffy and old, but “Break Free” actually got me dancing (or twitching because I really can’t dance)   Buy the song … Continue reading

Song of the Day: Weatherstar “Closer”

Weatherstar released another pop hit for fans on iTunes called “Closer.” It’s got the same cute love lyrics as he expressed in his previous singles so fans shouldn’t hesitate to buy it. The song is also packaged with an acoustic version of the previously-released track, “Go.” Buy the songs!

R-r-r-remix: Stephen Jerzak, Glory Days, Live For Tonight

This week in music ended up getting remixed. If you’re into dubstep, please accept these gifts for your ears. Stephen Jerzak’s “She Said” got yet another remix by Martin Vidal. I can’t even describe what is going on in this remix. It’s just as dance-inducing as the other versions, but it’s got this rager-playlist vibe … Continue reading

Asa “Beautiful Imperfection”

Truth: Asa (pronounced “Asha”) has released her latest album, “Beautiful Imperfection” on iTunes. Sarah: There’s something about a foreign singer that makes me spite my parents for making me Americanized (I’m kidding; I love my parents). We have Adele, Amy Winehouse (1983 – 2011), Celine Dion, and now making her mark in America is France-born Nigerian … Continue reading

Song of the Day: Have You Heard “Burned Away”

Track 3 on Have You Heard’s latest EP is the falsetto-filled and beutifully written track, “Burned Away.” I could go on and on about the beauty of the metaphors and storytelling but I’d be writing forever. Listen for yourself: Buy the track! Have You Heard’s Official Site!

Edelweiss “Pre-Columbians”

Truth: The young rockers of Edelweiss are set to release their debut EP “Pre-Columbians” on iTunes on September 13, 2011. Sarah: Just listening to this album makes me want to throw a guitar at my 15-year-old brother. Yes, the atypical high school rock band (all around the age of 16) Edelweiss projects an unusually mature … Continue reading

Song of the Day: Transmission Party “Angela”

Transmission Party recently released his latest track “Angela” to fans. The dark circus-sounding track is available for free here!

Song of the Day: Hopes High “Words Well Chosen”

Words well chosen. Lyrics well chosen. Instrumentals well chosen. Price…very well chosen. The band Hopes High is generously giving out their latest single, “Words Well Chosen” out to fans for free. And it’s not some reject song that you’ll never listen to. The song is beautiful; if it were a person it’d be Scarlett Johansson … Continue reading

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