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Currents, Self-Titled EP

Truth: LA band, Currents, is slated to release their debut self-titled EP on November 1, 2011. The EP will be available to download for free for fans through digital outlets. Sarah: Very rarely does a “real” rock make an impact on the music world. Given, there are hundreds, thousands–maybe millions?–of bands out there. But few are as … Continue reading

Song of the Day: Family Force 5 “Tank Top”

This song is on repeat. The lyrics are funny and the beat is catchy. You cannot not love this.

The Greater The Risk “Say What You Never Said”

Truth: The Virginia rockers in The Greater The Risk have released their newest album, “Say What You Never Said.” The album can be purchased on iTunes. Sarah: It’s been over a year since The Greater The Risk has put out new music. But brainchild of lead guitarist Ashley Drewes hasn’t exactly been sitting around during that year of virtual … Continue reading

Song of the Day: Goodnight Fellows “Lullaby”

It’s cute. And free. What more could you ask for?

Wayward “With Love”

Truth: Wayward recently dropped their latest EP, “With Love.” Sarah: Wayward has done what they do best–made exciting and infectious rock music. “With Love” was made thanks to contributions from fans ($3000!), and every penny is seen–or heard–with every crisp chord and clear drum beat. The production quality of the EP is perfect, and the … Continue reading

Song of the Day: Cady Groves “This Little Girl”

I’m in love with this quirky track by the equally quirky songstress, Cady Groves. As scary as the lyrics are, who can help but love the inocent “little girl” that is Cady Groves?

Nathan Darmody (IWXO) and Allstar Weekend Release New Videos

The elusive Nathan Darmody has finally given fans proof that he’s been busy for the past few months doing something productive. Darmody released a video with him singing an acoustic tune called “I Won’t Play With It,” under the pseudonym IWXO, meaning “I’m With Love.” It’s definitely different from anything you heard from Allstar Weekend, but I … Continue reading

Song of the Day: Evan T “Best Years of Our Lives” (feat. Avril Lavigne)

I’ve loved Evan Taubenfeld ever since Radio Disney played his song, “Boy Meets Girl.” And I’ve loooved Avril Lavigne ever since the 6th grade, when she released “Sk8r Boi.” So with this beautiful duet between the two longtime friends, I am obviously in tears. Get your tissues ready:

The Dukes “Dreams & Regrets”

Truth: The Dukes finally release a full-length album, “Dreams & Regrets.” Sarah: It’s been a whirlwind for The Dukes–losing a guitarist, gaining a guitarist, going to college, etc. But amidst all that, the band found out who they were (besides awesome; they must have known they were awesome). They developed this great album that is … Continue reading

Honor Society, “A Tale of Risky Business, Pt. 2″

Truth: Honor Society releases their latest album, “A Tale of Risky Business, Pt. 2,” the followup to 2008’s “A Tale of Risky Business,” and their third album after “Fashionably Late.” Sarah: It’s been about 2 years since we’ve heard a new album from Honor Society, so anything from the gentlemen would be much appreciated. That … Continue reading

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