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Joel Piper, “The Only One” EP

Truth: Former clean vocalist and drummer of metalcore band Confide, Joel Piper,┬áhas┬áreleased his debut solo EP, “The Only One.” Sarah: If you were a Confide fan back when they were in existence, you may be sad to note that Joel Piper’s EP sounds nothing like them. That said, it’s a great EP that deserves a … Continue reading

Car Party “High and Low Places”

Truth: The pop-rockers in Car Party have releases their sophomore album, “High and Low Places.” The album can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon. Sarah: It’s hard to not show pride and favoritism toward a band that originates from the same state as you. But I think I’m excused when it comes to Baltimore band, … Continue reading

Life After Liftoff, “Memory Of You” EP

Truth: Dayton, Ohio band Life After Liftoff has released their three-song EP, “Memory Of You,” on iTunes. Sarah: I’m a little late finding out about Life After Liftoff, but the good news is I’ve finally heard about them. But I’m not the only one acknowledging LAL’s talent. The band recently played the Ohio date on … Continue reading

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