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Song of the Day: Me and This Army, “Let Down”

One of my favorite Maryland bands, Me and This Army, recently released their latest single, “Let Down.” Listening to it, I remembered why I fell in love with the band in the first place. From lead singer Courtney Hargrove’s powerful voice, to the groovy soulful- rock sound the band embodies, “Let Down” is anything but a let … Continue reading

likeiwasthefire “Narrow Escape Singles”

NY band likeiwasthefire released their latest release, “Narrow Escape Singles.” The three-song EP is a compilation of tracks that are different but give you a taste of who the band is. The EP opens with the high energy “Wrist Control.” The band does well to complement the purposefully screechy vocals (Jaime Marcelo) with fast drums … Continue reading

Interview: Avery

Recently, I wrote a feature article on teen sensation, Avery. Now, Avery took the time out to answer some questions. Learn what the powerhouse singer and role model had to say about “Go Screw Yourself,” bullying, and being a regular kid. You’ve gained popularity with your hit single “Love Me or Let Me Go,“ and your latest … Continue reading

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