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Song of the Day: Command Sisters “Fly”

It’s always cute to see these sister acts (Megan & Liz, Cimorelli, Deer Park Avenue). And now the aforementioned siblings have another sibling rivalry. Meet Sarah and Charlotte Command–two teenage girls who already have command of their voices and instruments, and soon the music world.

When listening to “FLy,” it was clear that they aren’t your typical wannabe-Taylor Swift country singers. Their voices have range (sorry Taylor) and their harmonies are insane. And this is from a writer who doesn’t really like country music. PLus, I totally love the never-give-up attitude they have:

Don’t you clip my wings when I’ve finally found a reason to fly
Most people would give up, but I’m not
Throwing it away this time
I’ll, fly, I’ll, fly

The Command Sisters are getting more and more popular by the second. So what are you waiting for?


One thought on “Song of the Day: Command Sisters “Fly”

  1. You two are wonderful. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself while you’re it. :))

    Posted by Michcarian | November 21, 2011, 6:40 pm

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