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Song of the Day: Jordan Benker “Pull Out the Power”

Time for me to collect my thoughts after listening to Jordan Benker. Sorry, I can’t. “Pull Out the Power” was better than I thought it could be. Honestly, I was expecting a really bad attempt at synth beats and tons of ineffective reverb. But, no. The lyrics are fun. The beat is awesome. Benker’s vocals … Continue reading

Jamestown Story “A Walk Through Time”

Truth: Acoustic band Jamestown Story has released their latest album, “A Walk Through Time,” on iTunes. The album features re-recorded versions of their previously released songs.  Sarah: Acoustic guitars sound pretty. But let’s be real; they can get really sleepy if they’re coupled with a so-so singer. But Jamestown Story avoids the cliché emo-kid-with-a-guitar stereotype with their … Continue reading

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