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New music from Life On Repeat and Color You

Maryland rockers Life On Repeat have started streaming their newest single, “Atypical.” Life On Repeat does an excellent job of marrying mainstream rock with their hardcore edge in the song to create “Atypical.” It has a dance-inducing beat, but you still the band a legitimate rock group with actual talent. The sound is also A+ quality so you can (almost) easily make out what they’re screaming.

The song isn’t available for purchase yet, but expect a lyric video from the band later on this month!

Ben Ross, formerly the live keyboardist for Allstar Weekend circa 2009, has joined the band Color You. The band just dropped their new album, Seago. I wasn’t immediately a fan; in fact, after hearing “North,” I almost branded the band a “lame.” But upon further listen to the rest of the album, I discovered a few musical gems. “Cassette Tapes” is easily a hipster anthem with its fun.-like chorus and quirky piano beat. The lyrics are equally quirky and show the band’s uniquity. “Park” has a dance-y beat that perfectly contrasts with the deep vocals in the verses, yet matches the lively chorus. “Hope” shows that the band is more than just cute and quirky songs; it’s a beautiful piano-based track with incredible harmonies. With my earlier purchase of Some Nights by fun., I couldn’t tell which band I was listening to in this song (totally a compliment).

Finally, is “Wait There,” which sounds nothing like the other sounds (maybe because of the effects on the vocals…). The song is reminicanet of Modest Mouse, instrumentally, and The Killers vocally.

While I don’t *love* the album, the ones listed above are must-haves. I don’t know where I see Color You going, but I bet it’ll be interesting to listen to.

Buy the album!


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