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Before Their Eyes, “Redemption”

Before Their Eyes release new album


Post-hardcore band Before Your Eyes is expected to release their album, Redemption, March 26th. Their fourth studio album will kick off their upcoming “Redemption Tour,” presented by Silence The City Clothing and Dr. Ricks Denim.


The aptly titled Redemption comes after a whirlwind of changes for the band. Seeing as lead Nick Moore is the last original member and the band switched to InVogue Records, the band has a lot to prove with this album. The first single, “Lies” kicks off the album with its predominantly clean vocals. The  trickling of  screams are a reminder that despite the changes in the band, Before Their Eyes is still the same hardcore band they were with Untouchable back in 2010, just with grittier instrumentals.

“Dream” features the electropop duo Breathe Carolina, a clear influence heard in the upbeat and poppy track. The intense drumming is outweighed by the bubbly vocals and airy guitar. The bubbliness increases with “Find,” which is pure clean vocals for the most part of the song. The brief screamo may not as well be included, but it’s a match for the heavy guitars, bass, and drums.

In “Everything,” the band creates a chilled out version of themselves. The melodically relaxed track shows off Moore’s angelic voice, Jordan DiSorbo’s and Brandon Rosiar’s guitar skills, Anthony Damschroder’s bass-playing, and Jarrett Hottman’s sick rhythm.

The peace in “Everything” is interrupted by the fast-paced “Redemption.” The song is a sinister opposite of the previous tracks, relying more on the unclean vocals. It fits the genre perfectly, from its blend of clean and unclean vocals to the clear yet abrasive instrumentals. Former guitarist for Before Their Eyes and now lead vocalist for The Plot in You Landon Tewers provides guest vocals for “Revival,” a yet more sinister-sounding track than “Redemption.” Tewers adds an intensity to the track that would make older fans wish for him to rejoin the band, if only as their permanent screamer.

“Surrender” and “Backstabber” are fun, fora lack of better word. “Backstabber” in particular has more than enough breakdowns, but it’s excused because the chorus is ridiculously catchy.

You’re a backstabber

That’s all you’ll ever be to me

A waste of words

What else do you hide behind those eyes?

“Faith” has a classic rock sound to it, especially thanks to the guitars and the mellowed out drums. The album closes out with “Alive,” a mix of pop-rock (vocals/bass) and hardcore (drums/guitars). It’s a perfect end to the medley of music in the album, closing with a peaceful piano.

Before Their Eyes sticks to what they know with the new album; it’s not too much variation from their previous three, yet it still manages to sound fresh and interesting. The full-length album is worth a listen, and with their previous albums climbing the Billboard Heatseekers Chart is their respective years, Redemption should be no different.

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***Make sure to catch them on tour with Legacy, City Lights, and Belle Histoire***


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