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Attaloss Releases Self-titled Album


Attaloss has released their debut album, titled Attaloss, which is available on iTunes. The album features their first single, “Open Door.”


Almost a year ago, Attaloss released their music video for “Open Door,” which currently stands at a little over 13,000 views on YouTube. The strange but artsy video combined with the infectious chorus was enough to keep the band on my radar for this past year, despite little proof that they would actually release more equally awesome music. *Sidebar: if you hate Nickelback, Yellowcard, or Foo Fighters, you might think the band is tried and suckish.

Fast forward to track 2, “Before You Let Me In.” The heart-pounding drums (Dakota Clark) take prominence in the verses, but switches center stage with the guitars (Chris Johansen, Matt Geronimo) in the chorus. Understated yet noticeable is the subtle bass (Lorenzo Perea) underneath the gruff vocals (Danny Aguiluz). The track itself is reminiscent of Nickelback (circa…now). It’s got an upbeat rhythm and the components work well together to create a legit rock sound.

“Fate Will Only Know Tomorrow” is darker sounding, but the lyrics are more positive than they seem: “Fate will only know tomorrow/And I cannot wait.” The gravelly vocals take the pop-rock tune and make it edgier.

In “Move On,” the band is unashamedly poppy. The quirky melody and rhythm shows the band’s musicianship and ability to be flexible. It’s a personal favorite only because it’s different, lyrically and instrumentally. The lyrics are well-written:

I can only say goodbye to yesterday

and move on, just move on

I can only try to find

Where is my insanity

It used to be in front of me

The bipolar song goes from fast-paced guitars in the verses, to more laid-back in the chorus, adding to the “insanity” mentioned in the song.

The last full band song is “Forward,” which is repeatedly screamed throughout the chorus. The song in itself isn’t awful, but after listening to the previous four, it doesn’t hold up. The sound is somewhat outdated and just…old (which the band definitely is not).

The second half of the album is just the acoustic renditions of the previous songs. While it sounds like you’re hearing the same song twice, the acoustic versions show how talented the band actually is. Especially listening to lead vocalist Aguiluz’s falsetto, you realize that this band is more than just a replica of other rock bands (listen to the acoustic version of “Move On.” You will DIE).

Make sure to pick up the album on iTunes!

Official website

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**Bonus** The band once covered Britney Spears. Kinda cool :P


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