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Let It Happen, “It Hurts, But It’s Worth It”-EP


Let It Happen is quickly gaining stride with the release of their second EP, It Hurts, But It’s Worth It. The video for their first single, “Bridges,” already stands at over 10,000 views since its posting in December. The Ohio natives have already been featured on national teen zine J-14  and Substream, and they’re only getting bigger, thanks to their EP.


Let It Happen perfectly embodies the positive side of pop-punk music–with powerful vocals and instrumentals, genuine lyrics, and a lack of the frilly dubstep effects, the band is the modern-day Relient K or Blink-182. It Hurts, But It’s Worth It opens with a gusto in  “Disconnect Routine.” The song follows a “disconnected” formula, switching up chords and rhythms effortlessly. It showcases the band’s talents: Frontman Drew Brown on guitar and singing, Michael Vogel’s electricity on lead guitar and backing vocals, Nathan Joiner providing the dynamic bass lines, and Sean Highley setting the rhythm on drums.

In “Can’t Close My Eyes,” the tempo is upped and the energy is on fire. The lyrics beg “Why can’t I/just sleep at night?” but the answer might lie in the lively chorus. It’s driven by Vogel’s and Brown’s guitars, as well as Brown’s vivacious vocals. Highley adds his kinetic drumming to the mix, while Joiner mellows it out on bass. The upbeat track manages to have dance-y vibe while maintaining their pure rock sound. The song ends abruptly, as if the band wore themselves out with the strenuous track.

“You’re Killing Me,” (featuring Nick Deiner of the Swellers) is similar to “Disconnect Routine” with its slightly off beat. The dark lyrics are matched with equally grim instrumentals. The vocals are so close to screaming the morbid chorus; it’s raw and real. The shining moment in the song belongs to lyric: “Living life with closed eyes/is a glorified crime.” The song appears to “die” or end slowly, until it’s sped up by the resurrection of the electric guitars.

Fourth on the EP is the first single, “Bridges.” Fans in the same demographic of the band (16-24) will relate to the lyrics of this song. It’s the “realest” song on the EP; it may be the realest song out there. It deals with the struggle of admitting and dealing with your issues, which everyone has to go through. The guitars and drums are upbeat, as well as the vocals, giving listeners a friendly zone that shows they aren’t alone in that awkward stage of life.

I don’t want to cross that bridge.
I don’t want to find that I’m scared, I’m bored, I’m insecure.
I don’t know what I’m looking for.

I’m a critic at my best and you’ve been doing your best to bring me down.
I’ve been begging the world for a little bit of rest.
Twenty one years down the road I’m a mess.
All my nights are running together
and all my days are happening twice.
I’m reaching out but there’s nothing to hold on to,
I’m reaching out so maybe I’ll get to you.

I don’t want to cross that bridge.
I don’t want to find that I’m scared, I’m bored, I’m insecure.
I don’t know what I’m looking for.
I’m not done having fun.
Stay up all night and watch the sun rise above this city.
Lay around and waste this day away.

We’re still up at four in the morning from always running away.
And if you ask me what I’m doing tomorrow, I’m still stuck in today.
We’ll drive around the roads of the east side with our hands in the air.
We’ll roam around from town to town and tell the world that we just don’t care.

The intro to “Oh So Speechless” will definitely leave listeners speechless if they’re listening in order of the tracklisting. The bass, guitars, and drums sound as if they were creating a hardcore track, yet the vocals as still the pop-punk. The heavy instrumentals overshadow the vocals, begging for a screamo section. That said, the dark and self-deprecating lyrics work with Brown’s low vocals (“I apologize for being oh so speechless”).

Finally, is “Hide and Seek,” whose intro is slightly less aggressive than “Oh So Speechless.” The band effectively uses gang vocals, creating a haunting  feel. The lyrics are, once again, real and genuine. The band spills their emotions in the inspirational lyrics:

You better watch out, I’m taking my own advice

Living this life, Hanging out every night

Writing these songs about how I hate this place

Never look back, I’m planning our own escape

Come with me (we’ll make it out)

It’s a positive ending to the EP: “I’ll turn it around and breathe again.” The overall EP is sick. The production (Bryan Beeler) is perfect and the work put into it is heard loud and clear. The songs all fit together, and the lyrics never get cheesy; yet the pure pop pun sound is ridiculously catchy. The EP is just whetting fans’ appetites for the upcoming full-length the band plans on writing this summer.

Make sure to pick up the EP!

Official Website

Official Facebook

Official Twitter

P.S.- Here’s a free download to their EP, Colors Changing.


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