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Life After Liftoff, “Brand New Life” – Deluxe Single


Ohio rockers in Life After Liftoff have released their latest EP, Brand New Life. The deluxe single features the title track, along with two new songs. You can purchase the EP on iTunes.


Life After Liftoff has already proven that they can work the pop rock market. So now they’re just showing off with the extended single pack for “Brand New Life.” In just three songs, the band manages to display their musical talents and lyrical intellect.

Starting with “The Getaway,” the band connects with their audience on a personal level with relatable lyrics:

The whole song intertwines the idea of moving on, growing on your own, and about a relationship that has come crumbling down. This wasn’t any relationship, but one that stood so beautifully.

—Lee Weiss, lead singer (AltSounds)

The lively and full sound in “The Getaway” makes for a pop rock hit. The guitars, bass, and drums have enough energy to hook listeners, and the vocals in the chorus push the envelope even further. The track ends beautifully with the gang vocals slowly fading into a piano melody.

“Brand New Life” seems to pick up where “The Getaway” left off, with a piano-laden intro that continues throughout the song. The harmonies within the track are enchanting, and the instrumentals are mellow and chill, used to emphasize of the lyrics (“This is all we wished for/a brand new life”).

In “Atmosphere,” the band refers to their “alien pop punk” roots, creating a ‘brand new’ sound. Effects are played with in the track, and the intro involves a (soft) spoken word encouragement.

Life After Liftoff outdid themselves in Brand New Life. The EP has three completely different tracks that all showcase the band’s abilities, while still fitting the LAL mold.

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