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Jacob Jeffries Band, “Tell Me Secrets”


Jacob Jeffries Band is planning on releasing their first full-length album Tell Me Secrets on May 18th. The band features frontman Jacob Jeffries “(one) of Miami’s best and most buzzed-about independent artists, singer songwriters,” (according to the Miami Herald), and three other equally talented musicians (Jimmy Powers on guitar and backing vocals; Brian Lang on bass; and Eric Jackowitz on drums and backing vocals.)


If you combine Ben Folds, Mat Kearney, Adele, and The Beatles, you would get Jacob Jeffries Band. The indie-sounding, piano-infused rock band has a niche that is desirable, especially in today’s Top 40 genre (Gotye, Foster The People, Mumford & Sons). The band shows that piano-based music doesn’t mean boring music with their first track, “Worth The Wait.” The soulful vocals and breezy instrumentals make for easy listening, and the chorus is catchy. The song has a timeless quality; it sounds like The Beatles, yet it has the modern  infectious quality of Gotye. POwers on guitars almost outdoes the band, with his Hendrix-style riffs.

“I Don’t Know” is reminiscent of AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long,” instrumentally, but the concept is totally different. The harsh lyrics “I don’t think /I could care about you less.” The fact that you can actually hear AC/DC in the song just adds to their everlasting sound.

“Crazy Under The Moon” is a bit slower and more endearing. The sweet lyrics are made stronger by Jeffries’ soft voice and piano, as well as Jackowitz’ s light drumming. The romantic track already has a music video for it:

The longest song on the album is “Believer.” The ominous instrumentals back up Jeffries hurt yet powerful vocals. It’s almost as if Adele took male form and was jilted by an awful woman. The song showcases Jackowitz’s rhthym and Jeffries’s passionate piano-playing throughout most of the song. In “Coming Home,” the band gives off a mature Gavin DeGraw vibe. The charming song is a must-listen. “Struggle” is also a must-listen with its catchy chorus and infectious beat.

“Suffocate” would make Sara Bareilles jealous that she didn’t compose this song herself. Everything, from the lyrics to the piano to the drums, bass, and guitar just work. The song could easily be played on Top 40 radio.

The album ends with “Ancestors,” a soulful tribute to ancestors. Jeffries sings about ‘wanting to live like his ancestors’ with a timeless effect on his vocals. The bass dominates the instruments in its awesome rhythm.

Overall, this album has potential to top the iTunes charts. It has a quality that anyone can enjoy. Make sure to pick up the album May 18th!




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