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The Slowdown to Release “A” Dec. 11


Melodic rock band The Slowdown will be releasing their album, “A” on Dec. 11. The 16-track album will be the debut full-length fr the 6-member band of brothers/friends.


The Slowdown’s “A” is definitely not a cookie-cutter rock album. The band’s experimental sound is heard throughout the hour-long album. Right off the bat, The Slowdown introduces their intense taste. “Acting Late of Strange” is certainly memorable as a first track; the guitars and bass switch back and forth between catchy chords.While the arrangement sounds simple, it must have taken careful effort to make such an in-your-face opener.

The grungy rock band make draw comparisons to established rock bands like M83, Aerosmith, or The Shinedown. However, their single, “A Mirror, A Torch” is a step away from that generalization. The Slowdown slows down their lively art and creates an intense 5-and-a-half-minute long journey of edgy synth and heart-thumping bass. The dark instrumentals are complemented by the eerie lyrics:

I speak to the dead
And talking all out of my mind
Led into darkness
A healing of a different kind
To find
Remains of what they left behind
A Mirror A Torch that they want me to find

The song is paired with a music video that was released about a year ago:

The brooding, self-described experimental act continues experimenting as the album continues  “Tears From the Compound”  and “Left Home” sound a bit off upon superficial listen, but really listening to them draws out the quirks that make the band so special. The band has a strong vocalist that doesn’t need to show off his skills, because it’s clear in his tone, as well as the way he stands out even with a bunch of instruments overlapping him.

“All Gone” may be the most radio-friendly, as its apparent passion drives the track. The vocals are the strongest are the most distinct to the band. The heavy chug of the guitars are driven by some type of fire or fervor this band has. The drums echo the sentiment heard in the passionate vocals. The band also doesn’t skip out on well-written and emotional lyrics.

One of the best parts of the album may be The Slowdown’s stripped down side in the last track, “Whispering Lights.” You ge tto hear them talk (barely, but still), and it’s mostly acoustic. Plus  the vocals aren’t as heavy, but rather light and airy. It’s a pleasant surprise of an ending that makes you want 16 more tracks just like it (seriously, I’ll settle for an EP).

The Slowdown may not necessarily draw a “younger crowd,” or the same type of fans as a band like Pierce the Veil or Woe, Is Me, but that could be to their benefit. Their mature rock sound needs no frills–and they definitely don’t need drama to push their sales. Their passion is heard in the production of such an intense roller coaster of a record. Their slick infusion of electronica/synths gives them an additional aspect to admire. The anthemic album is sure to not disappoint.

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