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Interview: Casey Desmond

Casey - Live Show

A couple months ago, pop star Casey Desmond released her latest album, “Deja Vu.” Today, Desmond has crossed over into the mainstream world thanks to MTV Buzzworthy premiering her video for “Bad Habit.” The funky, throwback video follows the colorful videos of the previous singles off the album (“Talking To God,” “Rocket Lover,” “Deja Vu”).

While you’re bumping Desmond’s awesome video, I got a chance to interview Casey about the album, her videos, and any possible touring:

I just listened to your album and it has a very cool vintage/80s sound to it. How do you manage to make your old-school sound relevant to the modern-day music industry?
I´m glad you like it! Thanks a ton for the great review. No matter what instrument you put in front of me, I will try to write a pop song with it. Pop will always have a place in the music industry, however it evolves.  I also really REALLY love synthesizers, and pop music from the 80´s.  There was this nostalgic 80´s come back for a couple years, but it´s come and gone for the most part (as far as mainstream pop goes), but the electro dance is huge right now. Even hip hop, and pop stations are playing nonstop electronic dance pop songs. I´m not sure if I´d categorize myself with it exactly, but I do think the styles can frolic harmoniously on the radio waves. By the way, this is a really hard question to answer, because my sound isn´t intentionally directed to seem relevant to modern day music. I just write what I love. I happen to LOVE pop, and all things electronic. I like your question however, because it gets me thinking about my place in the industry. I´m happy being a little too weird for some, and a bit too poppy for others. I mean, take Gotye for example. He is so bizarre because he jumps from genre to genre, but he is undeniably a genius pop writer (and singer to boot). His productions are epic, and different then most, yet he had a HUGE hit all over popular radio. My musical style is based on years of writing what I´d consider poppy, hook filled songs, and endless nights with a synth and a bottle of wine. Electro pop and me are in bed together.

How did you get your start singing?

I´m fortunate enough to be surrounded my musical people. My mother and father both fronted bands, played instruments, and produced records. I think music is life, and since I was a young lass all I wanted to do was sing (and talk a LOT). I don´t remember a time in life where I wasn´t singing. I looked up to my parents, and their friends who worked in the music industry. By the time I was 11, I was writing on a guitar, joining my parents for sessions and band practice, and seeing as many shows that allowed young people as possible. My siblings are also musical. I think it´s in the genes, and if I wanted to fight them, I couldn´t possibly win. Disney songs, Tim Burton movies, and the great albums my parents played all had a have in my initial desire to sing.

What can you tell us about your latest album?Casey - Press Photo High Res
It´s very dancey. There are a lot of tongue and cheek songs, with comical themes. I write about love, sex, lust, and relationships a lot. I obtain a bunch of inspiration from these themes, and I´m a hopeless romantic. It took me a long time to put this record out, and years to put all the pieces together. This was a result of writing three albums worth of material, and wanting certain songs to fit my concepts and current sound. I´m very picky, and hard on myself. I still love the unused songs, but I don´t know where they go yet. We will see. I´m already passed half way finished on my newest album though. New songs are just pouring out of me. 2012 was really intense to say the least, and I have lots of things to say.
Do you plan on touring to promote the album?I´d really like to. Would love to go on the road with another like minded band, and be gone for a couple months, or a year, or two, or forever. That’d be goooood.
Who would you love to perform with?
Cut Copy, Yeasayer, Dragonette ( play with them again…tour would be ideal ) , Gaga of course, Goldfrapp, La Roux if they ever come back. There are a lot of classic faves like David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper, and Annie Lennox that´d be a dream come true.
You recently released your video for “Rendezvous.” What was the concept behind it?
The characters in the video for ‘Rendezvous’ are based on old pagan stories revolving around the winter solstice, celebrating the beginning of winter. I’ve always been fascinated with nature, wild animals, and ancient cultures. With there being so much talk
about the Mayan calendars focus on this year’s winter solstice, I decided to make a video tying the two messages together. The video embodies a lot of symbolism, old and new, and pays homage to beliefs from all over the globe. There’s a lot of hype surrounding the end of this world, as we know it. I wanted people to reflect on new beginnings this winter solstice, whether it was their last day on earth, or the first of the new world.

Since you’re not very conventional, here are some unconventional questions based on your album’s song titles:

Déjà Vu: Which 70s-90s artist do you think you sound like?
I don´t know, to be perfectly honest. I see you compared me to Madonna. People say that all the time, so I guess Madonna! I really love Annie
Lennox too, and Kate Bush. I’ve heard Cyndi Lauper too, but I don´t think so.

Rocket Lover: Do you believe in alien life forms? If so, do you think they’d be dancing to your upbeat pop sounds?
I believe life on other planets is completely possible. Maybe that´s because I´m from Space. Spacey Casey is my nickname, and I´m always looking up at the stars. If I ever return to my home planet, I´ll be sure to strive for musical success there too.

Talking To God: What’s the last thing you prayed/wished for? Did it come true?

I wouldn´t say I pray, and I don´t really believe in wishing. I do believe in dreaming, and then working hard to achieve the desired results.

Mr. Hot Bot: Who was the hottest judge on “The Voice?” Who’s the hottest person on the planet?
I wasn´t really attracted to any of them (no offense Adam), and the list of hotties is endless. I have a huge crush on Johnny Depp, and Gotye, and Alexandar Asgard to name a few. My boyfriend ain´t bad too… I´d say he´s my favsies.

Impostor: Have you ever been confused for someone else (Hayley Williams, Ariel the mermaid, etc.)?
Every little girl thinks I´m the little mermaid or a princess. No one calls me Hayley because she´s tiny and I´m a giant. People tell me I look like Reese Witherspoon. Meh.

Bad Habit: What’s your worst habit?
Work, vodka sodas w lime, wacky tabacky, buying synths, flirting, talking to everyone always and never shutting up, and saying bad words!

Animal Zoo: Favorite animal?
Firstly, I am vegetarian, and I love animals. However, I´m not innocent of favoritism. I am so in love with deer and reindeer. I think they are magical, beautiful, mystical, super hipster (not my fault), and powerful yet gentle. My love for deer is so deep that I have two music videos dedicated to them, and have named my fashion line OHDEERGOD after the beast. My next tattoo will be a deer in the forest. Walking with Prancer the reindeer on Vermont Reindeer Farm for my music video Rendezvous (now dubbed Reindeervous) was the best day of my life. She and I will forever be friends.

Anything else you’d like to tell readers?
Stay tuned for my music video for Bad Habit premiering this Wednesday January 16th on MTV Buzzworthy!


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